Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shut Up and Take My Money

I've been spending a lot of time perusing baby boy clothes on Etsy recently, largely due to the fact that most department stores carry ugly boys clothes with tacky phrases on them. Like, seriously guys? But I will admit that I less-than-three pretty much all of the onesies in these stores.

Batman! Mario! Captain America! LEGEND OF MUTHA-FLIPPIN' ZELDA! Do want. And I totally would have just spent my last paycheck buying all of them too, but, you know, I found out that PayPal is run by jerkfaces so I don't have a debit card attached to it anymore. I know, it's an easy fix, but I've gone this long.... But hey, these things are too cute not to be shared. Go look at them and squee with delight.

Left, Legend of Zelda Link Costume from Linda Sumner Designs, $12.50*

Right, Nintendo Gameboy Baby Clothes from The Wishing Elephant, $22*

*Shipping not included

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