Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Appointment at 25 Weeks

Yesterday was my monthly doctor's appointment. I'll have one more in August and then I start going every two weeks - crazy! It's only a matter of time before we meet our baby boy!

This appointment included another ultrasound because they couldn't get clear enough pictures of profile, heart, and hands at the anatomy scan last month. Also, they needed to check on the position of the placenta, which was covering part of my cervix when they checked it last month. (This is known as placenta previa.) Thankfully, it is well out of the way now!

Otherwise everything still looks healthy. Baby's stomach and bladder were full, and his little heart was ticking away at 152. I still can't always feel him kicking or punching, but I was assured that I will feel more as he gets stronger. I was relieved to see that his head was buried in my hip at the appointment. So he does know how to get into delivery position!...roughly.

I rewarded him with pizza after the appointment.

I'm actually kind of dreading my next appointment. Before I meet with my doctor, I need to eat these:
The text reads:
Consume all jelly beans within 5 minutes. Write down the time you started eating the jelly beans. Go to the laboratory and have your blood drawn one hour after you started eating the jelly beans.

I have to...get my blood drawn...AGAIN?

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  1. Ah man be glad it's jelly beans...I had to drink that crap in liquid form (chug would be a better term) and it was awful! Plus I had to stay there after drinking it and wait around for it to be time to have my blood drawn instead of waiting at home. You're lucky! :)