Friday, August 3, 2012

Daniele Hypolito's Bold Eye Makeup Tutorial

I didn't get to watch as much of the Olympics as I wanted while I was on vacation - not that I'm complaining. (I mean, it's vacation! Not watch-TV-ation!) I did turn on the television long enough to catch Brazilian gymnast Daniele Hyp√≥lito perform her floor routine. While her five-step stumble was heartbreaking to watch, her eye makeup is still generating a buzz on the internet.

Her makeup is a nod to the Brazilian flag, but it's just so fun that I think people in other countries could wear it too! Want to replicate it? Keep reading.

Makeup Used

  • Matte foundation
  • Light, peachy blush
  • Black liquid liner (for the upper eye) and black eyeliner pencil (for below the line)
  • Black mascara
  • Yellow, Lime Green, and Blue eye shadow - I used CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Gold Sizzle and Lime Alive, and the lighter blue of L'Oreal Paris HiP in Showy
  • Optional: Sheer or nude lip gloss 

Feel free to change the order of some of these steps. I like to do my eyes in a particular order (liner, shadow, mascara) but not everyone else does it the same way I do. Do what you are more comfortable doing!

  • Apply foundation
  • Brush on blush onto cheekbones and apples of cheeks
  • Apply liquid liner to eyelid, ending in a wing (or cat-eye)
  • With black pencil, apply liner to waterline
  • Apply yellow shadow to brow bone
  • (If necessary) Lightly apply blue shadow to eyelid if you need to darken the shade of your green like I did, then apply lime green shadow from the inner corner to the middle of your eyelid. Otherwise, just apply lime green from the inner corner to the middle of your eyelid
  • Apply blue eye shadow from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner. If you had already applied a light amount of blue, you will need to do a second layer just to get the bold color
  • With a clean brush, brush over the eye shadows. This helps them blend together
  • Touch up eyeliner if necessary
  • Curl lashes and apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes
  • Optional: apply lip gloss

And there you have it! If you saw another look that you want to know how to replicate, just comment, email me, or send me a tweet with a link to the picture!

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