Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Crafting: Five Rings Necklace

Good evening crafters! I hope you got to enjoy some Olympic viewing time today (especially to watch the Men's swimming events - those are my favorite!) I had to miss out today in order to rearrange the living room and some of the office so that our apartment would be more ready for our October arrival...only 81 more days until his due date, October 22nd!

Anyway, I made this necklace on Tuesday evening, and I wanted to show you how to do it too. It's so easy, and it's great practice on working with jump rings too.


  • Two noticeably different sizes of jump rings - you'll only need 2 in the smaller size and 5 in the bigger size
  • A 20-inch curb chain necklace
  • Small amount of 30 gauge wire in the same color as your jump rings
  • Needle-nose pliers with wire cutter

Lay out your 5 large rings and wire them together as follows:

  • Connect top 3 rings by wrapping them with 30 gauge wire. Repeat for bottom 2 rings
  • Connect the bottom right ring to the top right ring by wrapping them with the wire. Repeat for left ring
  • Using your wire cutters, remove the center link from your curb chain
  • Connect the 5 ring design to the curb chain using the two smaller jump rings
  • Wear your necklace proudly!

If any of these directions confused you, feel free to comment or send me a tweet and I will do my best to explain it better! And keep watching for my next Olympic-themed post, featuring the awesome eye shadow that gymnast Daniele Hypรณlito wore earlier this week!

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